Wednesday, July 6, 2011

proud to be malaysian

"bahasa jiwa bangsa"

that's the phrase being used nowadays as "somebody" said the official language for Malaysia is ENGLISH instead of BAHASA MALAYSIA..

even the government had made a drastic move by abolished English as medium for teaching maths and science..

why is this happening in Malaysia?

we are afraid if one day everybody in Malaysia will only knows and speak English as Bahasa Malaysia has extinct..

then everybody will compare Malaysia with Japan and Korea, why they can be a successful and developed country even they speaks their own mother language everyday?

come on guys, please be logical and rational..

they are the inventor and pioneer in science and technology, but we as Malaysian are one of the biggest user in the world as we only knows to invent something radical such as street protesting..

what if we channel our energy from protesting and complaint about life to invent something or create a new theory about this temporary world..

if that happen, then we can discard or even banning English in our life..

but in reality, to be a developed nation, we MUST use ENGLISH as a medium in everyday life as new knowledge are in ENGLISH but not in Bahasa Malaysia..

if we use English, doesn't mean we ignoring the Bahasa Malaysia by make it our second language..

this is because..

everybody should respect the Bahasa Malaysia as our first language and be proud of it although we don't show it to the world..

by doing that, we will be a matured nation and envied by the others..

p/s: in akhirat there is no English or BAHASA MALAYSIA.. only the quran language which is the ARABIC..

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