Tuesday, December 21, 2010

do not act. DO

it takes almost a year and a half for me to get my skripsi done.. although most of my friends only took a year to finish it and even less than 6 month.. and most of them is doing their clinical right now and currently under heavy stressful condition everyday.. and it will also affected me later..

and when the time comes.. i will try not to stress me off but always keep calm and enjoying the clinical as i do really looking forward for..

but before i entered clinical, im gonna enjoy my holiday and in the same time prepared mental and physical for the worst.. because i dont want to be in a stressful condition just like most of my friends.. as everybody knows stress does not help to promote good health to a person..

p/s: i've learnt many things from my supervisor for 1 1/2 year doing this skripsi.. and hopefully i can apply it during my clinical.. thanx a lot prof..

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