Thursday, September 23, 2010

i have a dream..

every kids on the world has their own dream what they are gonna do or be when be a grown up.. so do I, when im a little kid, i dreamt that i wanna be some filthy rich guy but in the good way so that i can buy anything that the world offered to me..

and this is supported by our family insurance agent, she is chinese and one day she read my palm and said when im grown up, i will be filthy rich and kinda stingy.. huhu..

but as a muslim i don't believe it but turn it as a motivational drives for me to be like that someday..

and after spm, i do voice my opinion to further my study in business but i got shot down heavily by my family especially my mom.. huhu again.. haha..

then i got kinda a few offer from university that want me to enroll in theirs. first, the UTM offer me in chemical engineering but i turn down the offer as i sad to myself that i wont do chemistry after spm as i can't really understand it although during exam i do get good grade.. haiya..

then, because i just try and error sign up for Petronas summer camp, and attended the camp and got interviewed and so on, and the Petronas do offer me an opportunity to further my study there in IT although during the interview i begged them to give me the chemical engineering.. haha.. im thinking that im the only one interviewee that asked or make them to switch my field during interview.. haha..

and because of that i thought im not gonna get the Petronas offer but maybe there is something in me that the Petronas people loves so i've given an opportunity in a life time to be studying and working with one of the largest company in the world and make my dream a little bit closer. because i turned down the UTM offer so im goin with the Petronas. but during the day to pay the fees, another offer come to me at the same day which USU in dentistry.

because USU offer me dentistry, my mom asked me to choose USU as there is job stability when im graduated as during that day only a few IT- graduated do really get a permanent job and others just be a farmer and planted the grapes.. huhu

 so here i am in USU doing dentistry and hopefully dentist in Malaysia can really make a fortune and make me filthy rich. hopefully when im graduating, the government has increase the dentist minimum salary to RM15,000/month excluding allowances.. haha

you just wait mr. Tony Fernandes, that im gonna be much more richer then you and take over you airline company so that i can fly around the world for freeeeee.......... yeah.. YOU'RE GOIN DOWN.. HAHA


 then maybe im gonna be involved in politic to save the Malaysian politic from corrupted people from both side..

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