Friday, April 17, 2009

a new dawn...

pak lah had stepped down and was taken over by najib as the new prime minister (PM) of malaysia which mean that pak lah's era was over n najib's era is in progress...

and as usual when a new prime minister was appointed, the cabinet will undergo a major resuffled. this included the kementerian penerangan just happen to have a new minister.

for his first project, he changed back the prime news for RTM to its original airtime. what a good decision that he had taken.

but for me, the airtime changes didn't do anything good nor harm to the rakyat as majority of malaysian mostly watch news at another channel likes TV3, ntv7, TV9, or TV8 as RTM is kinda lame in eveything

rather than change the airtime for the prime news, i suggest that he should lobbying the parlimeant to democratize the media as until now major media is in favour for the government or 'being controlled' by the government.

by doing this, then i believed maybe the rakyat will cast theirs vote toward the BN more as it showing that the BN government is much more transparent then before...

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