Sunday, January 4, 2009

FUCK YOU israel...!!!!

it has been almost 2 weeks the fucking israel killing innocent people in Gaza city...

fuck you israel..

what the hell do you in Palestine.. just get your ass to the hell or give massages to your fucking prime minister or the US president with your ass... BULL SHIT...

who are you to kill the innocent people of Palestine... are you god?? hell no.. you are only the worst creature ever been created and i wonder why did god put all of motherfucker in this world..

some of the cruelty of the fucking zionist

the innocent people...

children also has become their target

even the small one they couldn't spare it

this is all because
the fucking US is under spell of israel

but dun worry as the world is on your side palestine except the fucking selfish arab who only think of the their own interest only.. DAMN...

may God be with you boy...!!!


N.A.W.Z.E said...

vulgar word usage...
xseswai utk adeq baca especially aku nieh..
i dunno what 2 comment actually..
its just dat ppl with power will always do what they think is right for em..
i just wish Hitler still alive so dat they will kill all the Jews then...

julu said...

semayang hajat banyak oi sume..
tu jek yg kite mmpu as student..
boikt barangan Israel..