Tuesday, November 25, 2008

F**K off

today is another tiring day for me as i had practical for 6 fucking hours straight.. but thanked god as the 1st practical only last for 15minutes as today is pre-test..
after that, the next fucking 3 hours is killing me slowly as a lot of work to do in a short time plus the lecture that practicing red tape when we gonna ask for his approval to continue our work or even just to asking something.. DAMN...

but it doesn't end there as my 'komting' aka 'ketua klas' always iritate the malaysian students as we all know that most of her work are not done by herself but we did not complain about it...
but when we the malaysian doin something wrong but for the sake to finish the quickly, she purposely tell everything to the lectures that we had done wrong as she trying to be 'nice girl' in front of the lectures... yacks... go to hell lah..!!!

and because of her, i wondering whether my work gonna finish on time next week as a lot work to be done in such a short time...

f**k you u bastard fat girl... DAMN...!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

heavy rainin'...

raining for few days from evening till late night...

because of that my dinner is postpone till midnight which it is has become a package dinner plus supper..
which mean i can only eat a small portion as it is almost my bedtime..


but please stop raining and do rain in the afternoon instead as it is burning like hell...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

cute lil cartoon


PKPMI -CM SESI 2007/2008

nie la dier muka2 yg suka time mencapub time bergambo je..
time buat keje suma hilang tah ke mn...
anyway it is a pleasure working with all of you..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

totally exhausted...

lately i kinda easily exhausted and it make me wonder as i done nothing much everyday..
a lot of assignment... i don't think so...
study hard.. mostly not..

but this tiredness is really make me a liltle bit nervous as the exam is coming soon but i didn't prepare anything for it...

if something in this world that will make the tiredness go away as easily as it comes..

really tired...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Demi Cinta

maaf kutelah menyakitimu
C#m A
ku telah kecewakanmu
bahkan kusia2kan hidupku
C#m A
dan kubawa kau sperti diriku

F#m B
walau hati ini trus menangis
menahan kesakitan ini
F#m B E
tapi kulakukan semua demi cinta

akhirnya juga harus kurelakan
C#m A
kehilangan cinta sejatiku
segalanya tlah kuberikan
C#m A
juga semua kekuranganku

F#m B
jika memang ini yang terbaik
untuk diriku dan dirinya
F#m B E
kan kuterima semua demi cinta

A B C#m
jujur aku tak kuasa
F#m B E
saat terakhirku genggam tanganmu
A B C#m
namun yang pasti terjadi
F#m B
kita mungkin tak bersama lagi

A B C#m
bila nanti esok hari
F#m B E
kutemukan dirimu bahagia
A B C#m
ijinkan aku titipkan
F#m B
rasa cinta kita selamanya

[interlude] A Am E C#m F#m B

everybody gonna...

nothing to write about because of lack of idea... hahaha

Saturday, November 15, 2008


siot tul meeting smlm..
spatutnya leh abis awl tp melarut smpi tgh mlm...
haih.. apa la nsb bdn...

yg xpuas ati 2..
ada la 2 org mgkuk siap leh kuar mkn time org ngh meeting kat MESS dr kul 8...
alasan xthn lapar sgt..

come on la wei...
org len pun lapar gak.. siap ada xmkn dr tgh hari... xde pun ngada2 cm 2...

tp okay la kuar mkn 2..
yg plg xleh trima bleh plak dorg 2 cm buat agak palat gak la...
dh la g mkn time org len duk brsabar mnahan lapar dan dahaga smbil meeting,
bleh plak dier nk usulkn isu baru time YDP buat kesimpulan...

padahal bnd yg dier timbulkn suma waktu ktorg dh bncgkn waktu mgkuk 2 org 2 g mkn ngn enaknya...

mcm agak pns gak la...

so smlm aku scara xsngaja trmrah membe aku suma...

so aku mnta maaf byk2 ye kat korg n papehal pun kek smlm best gler...

Monday, November 10, 2008

membe oh membe...

it is true, that some people says that without friend our life won't be completed

i think it is true..

just think about it, without them what we gonna be as because of them, what we are now..
friends far more important than anything in the world although in this world there are many type of friends such as backstabber, loyal friend, or friend that only there when they need us and so on..
i have been friend with all type of people from the most humble to the arrogant one..
but sometimes i quite choosy in making friends as don't wanna be friend that gonna do more harm to me...
but whatever it is...

im gonna say thank you for all my friends from my kindergarten till now although we never keep in touch after we had to move on our life respectively...
just gonna let you know that im lucky enough to be one of your friend list as without all of you and make my world colourful enough for me to live in and make me brave enough to face the societies.

and i also wanna say sorry for all my wrong doing that i did it on purpose or accidentally that hurt your feeling or make you feel sick of me as for me it is only a joke but for you my friends it is beyond the limits...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Saat aku tertawa diatas semua
Saat aku menangisi kesedihanku
Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenal

Reff :

Selama aku masih bisa bernafas
Masih sanggup berjalan kukan slalu memujamu
Meski ku tak tahu lagi engkau ada dimana
Dengarkanlah aku kumerindukanmu

Saat aku mencoba merubah segalanya
Saat aku meratapi kekalahanku
Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenal

Kembali ke ref:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

filling the blank

did anyone ever wonder why among thousands of sperm that been shoot out from the penis to the womb but only one had successfully penetrate to the egg and became what we are now

most everyone used these phrase when they trying to motivate someone. and it had trigger me to think about it as when the zygote evolve to human then in the end he won't be useful enough to the societies although it had proved himself before.

if we think about it, everyone should be become somebody in this fana' world because each one of us is the chosen one and lucky enough to see these wonderful world.

but as always the truth is painful for those who not brave enough to face it as most of us at the end of the day, not everyone gonna be what he or she really wanna be as 'fate' as shape us to the end.

maybe im one of them that fate had done something to my life that made it miserable each day, every second but as always somebody gonna say that 'whatever happen for a reason' and as always also people like me gonna accept and swallow it which it is really gonna takes sometimes..

may GOD put enough bravery in my heart to face the it as it's killing me from every angle and bit by bit that almost made me crazy.

nie nama nya dh bsan thp gaban nie...
2 yg dh mula ngarut dlm post kali nie...
borink gler..