Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a new dawn..

16 sept??
what gonna happen on that day??
why is it so important for everyone on 16 sept??
who is responsible for 16 sept??

16 sept..
according to the de facto leader of pakatan rakyat, datuk seri anwar ibrahim, DSAI, he said that the pakatan rakyat is goin to take over the present government. but until now there are no names from the BN MP that goin to crossover pakatan rakyat.

what is really goin on in our beloved country, Malaysia. until now the nation is facing all sort of problem from political unstablity to races problem. is malaysia goin to be like other country that they have to strunggle to death just for survival.

for all politician in malaysia, please use your brain and stop all these nonsense just to become more famous as your are trying to be the 'rakyat' saviour. for me they are all bullshit as when your are a politician, you will think about yourself even for a split of second rather than thinking of the 'rakyat' thoroughly.

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