Monday, August 18, 2008

may god forgive them...

recently, Malaysian have been shocked by saiful bukhari when he take an oath using Islam method called 'mubahalah'. in Islam when someone take oath using 'mubahalah', the person is like selling is body and soul to the god almighty as when the oath taker lied during the 'mubahalah', the punishment is beyond human law because it is directly curse from god that he shall carried it till the rest of his life.

but, sometimes I'm wondering is 'mubahalah' directly to god or it is just a creation from human being to make it people will not lied when they swear using god' name and Quran. this is because, this is the first time that i heard and saw someone did it.

but i also pitied saiful bukhari even he had do the 'mubahalah', he still being criticized and called as a person who is playing games with Islam and most important god. people said that he had to do the 'mubahalah' because by doing it, he can proved that he is telling the truth and not because of other people asked him to accuse DSAI just to tarnish DSAI reputation.

and after saiful taking the 'mubahalah', people are waiting when DSAI gonna 'mubahalah' as saiful because 'mubahalah' become effective when both party is doing it. but nobody can force him to do it as it is his right to do it or not.

as a conclusion, for me, this issue is something that will make people feel disgusting as it is out of norm. as for saiful, he should know what the consequences when he take the 'mubahalah' as the punishment is much more worst then any punishment in the world. and for DSAI, you should do something to clean your image up before you become the YB, as this will a little bit make you a bad guy even you claimed that u did not do it.

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