Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the winner is....

congratulation to DSAI for winning the election in permatang pauh with a huge majority.

hopefully he will fulfill his promises to 'rakyat' instead of personal interest...

once again, congratulation.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

where it begins....

ospek or 'majlis suai kenal' for the junior 08 is a bit slow compared to years before... quite disappointing for me although im not one of the panitia.
maybe it because the mastermind that makes the ospek look dull and not cool enough as before... getting ready for the 'hormat senior'

the 'penghulu' for juniors

concentrate juniors..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

merdeka 2008

shame on you

today in malaysiakini, a blogger had asked Malaysians to fly our beloved national flag 'Jalur Gemilang' upside down during this independence day festival. his moved had uproar almost all Malaysians as this will bring disgrace to the country.

although he want to express his protest against Pak Lah, for me, there are many other ways that he can channelled his anger but by flying the 'Jalur Gemilang" upside down is bullshit.

even DSAI going all round the world expressing his protest about our government, he never say or do fly our national flag upside down. maybe the blogger is someone that love to see our beloved country in horror.

as a conclusion, we as Malaysians should think before we do anything without taking for granted for everything. when we had done something bad, it is never going back to be what is was before although we tried our best to reverse it.

and for the blogger, if you are Malaysian, PLEASE take your damn ass out from my beloved country as you don't love this country or else you gonna face the music by the 'rakyat' that still love MALAYSIA but if you are foreigner, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Monday, August 18, 2008

may god forgive them...

recently, Malaysian have been shocked by saiful bukhari when he take an oath using Islam method called 'mubahalah'. in Islam when someone take oath using 'mubahalah', the person is like selling is body and soul to the god almighty as when the oath taker lied during the 'mubahalah', the punishment is beyond human law because it is directly curse from god that he shall carried it till the rest of his life.

but, sometimes I'm wondering is 'mubahalah' directly to god or it is just a creation from human being to make it people will not lied when they swear using god' name and Quran. this is because, this is the first time that i heard and saw someone did it.

but i also pitied saiful bukhari even he had do the 'mubahalah', he still being criticized and called as a person who is playing games with Islam and most important god. people said that he had to do the 'mubahalah' because by doing it, he can proved that he is telling the truth and not because of other people asked him to accuse DSAI just to tarnish DSAI reputation.

and after saiful taking the 'mubahalah', people are waiting when DSAI gonna 'mubahalah' as saiful because 'mubahalah' become effective when both party is doing it. but nobody can force him to do it as it is his right to do it or not.

as a conclusion, for me, this issue is something that will make people feel disgusting as it is out of norm. as for saiful, he should know what the consequences when he take the 'mubahalah' as the punishment is much more worst then any punishment in the world. and for DSAI, you should do something to clean your image up before you become the YB, as this will a little bit make you a bad guy even you claimed that u did not do it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

too hot for me...

what is goin on to our world nowadays...
sun gets hotter...
less rain..
more drought..
and many more..

some says these is because of the global warming but some also says the world is out of control which nearly come to end...

sometimes i asked myself. why do this thing happen to us? is it because the god is already fed up with the unthankful human or He is playing games to see who will play it safe.

but as usual, we as His 'hamba' always wanna go beyond the borderline that the Quran had drawn because we love to break the law even for the holy people...

frankly, i will never become the man as our prophet as nowadays the world is more seducer than ever, so that why i think more and more people are lost from the god road and one by one become closer to the hell path..

hopefully, the god still love us and still giving us guidance from above so that we are still on His road..

Monday, August 11, 2008

english the lingua franca

malaysia had begun it new policy about teaching math and science in english a long time ago. it was introduced by tun dr mahathir mohamed. and it still continue when pak lah take over the office in the putrajaya.
but some of the 'malays' against this policy because it will ruin the 'bahasa ibunda' just because of this 2 subjects is teach in english.
for me i don't see any wrong when the kids learn in english as nowadays english is like a key to the chest full of gold. this is because everything including knowledge is changing and upgrade more rapid than before.
if we malaysian still wanna be left behind from the rest of the world, then please do not hesitate to make another illegal rally asking the 'kementerian pelajaran' to revert it curricular into the fully teaching in malay.
but before u can do that, please take a moment to think and rethink again what the benefit of this policy in the long term because we did not have enough people that can translate the knowledge that is written in english to malay in a short period of time. and if they can do it a little bit faster still by the time they translate it to malay, the world has changes many times.
what the point is, not all what the government had done or in progress is the worst decision ever although for the short period of time there is more con than pro. but we as the 'rakyat' can change it all by be part of it but not just sit on the rocking chair wearing the singlet and 'kain pelekat' and keep protesting the government policy.
but whatever it is, we as the rakyat need to get out from the shell that had always keeping us from seeing the world in bigger picture and different angle. because for example in indonesia itself everything being teach in 'bahasa indonesia'. but at the end of it, most of the student even the uni student cannot do well in english especially speaking and when there is a meeting that being held in english, most of them love to keep quiet rather than sharing their knowledge just because they did not know english very well even for the broken english.

so i hope everyone should sometimes listen to the surrounding and understand the current situation and try to be part of it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a bad day

today is a bad day 4 me...
as always i will ride my bike to university...
but today i got hit by an another bike then i fell on the road with my bike with minor wound then all goes blank...
when i try to woke up after the incident...
my head feel really dizzy...
i dun know why because until now i still have this headache...

im broke..

new sem for me, but i had to spend a lot of money just for a few weeks in medan. and now im broke at the 1st week of month. dunno where should i search the money for living throughout this month... huhu...