Saturday, July 12, 2008

the world..

now we are in the world that everything is conquered by man with greed, self-fish, impolite and so on.. sometimes i really can't understand with all these guys.. what did they thinking when they committed such crime if i can said it so..

come on lah.. nobody perfect.. even i once tried to steal sumthin in the mall and i made it in the end.. maybe they feel thrilled and excited when doin crime just like i feel when i committed crime.. huhu..

and i think our world is gonna be out of control and maybe some said it comes to an end or armageddon.. maybe that's why people are acting more and more weird.. huhu.. including me... ahaha..

but can we imagine what it's gonna be in next few year and what it will turn out..??

because what can we do unless keep thinking what will happen next as we can't change the past for now.. unless the time machine is brought to live.. haha.. too many fiction..

actually.. i am writing this crap because im totally bored.. dunno wat to do now.. hahaha...
sorylah.. i'm wasting your time... but what the heck..!!


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