Sunday, July 20, 2008

mercedes anyone..??

again the government of Barisan Nasional especially the no 1 man in state of terengganu had make a mistake that will make the voter rethink their vote for the next election..

i am not accused them for sumthin bad but they recently purchased new mercedes for the high ranking people in t'ganu each, which mean the state government did not listen to the no 1 man in malaysia, Pak Lah.

he did said that everyone should change their ways of living INCLUDING the high ranking people by cut out the expenses which didn't benefit the 'rakyat'.

the menteri besar said he buy the mercedes to replace the old proton perdana which he claimed compared to the new car, the maintainance is much more higher than the buying a new mercedes which ONLY cost RM2++,++ without tax.

he also claimed that he did not using the 'royalti' money to buy the new car and this also will give the opposition an issue to condemn the state government which they may say that the state government will 'cruise' around the terengganu with comfort whereas the 'rakyat' had to struggle just to buy a 'kancil' or even a spoon of rice.

i am as 'rakyat' would like to advice the menteri besar to sell back the car and use the money the help the 'rakyat' to relieve their pain and burden after the rise of oil price globally plus the rising of cost of living. and i think the 'rakyat' will more appreciate an be thankful to the government than joining the illegal rally that give everyone a headache especially the police..

i am not against the government but we cannot always agree with the government agenda or what they do because the government that rule this beloved country is elected by the 'rakyat' because they trust the YB to give them back not 'ringgit' but concern about their welfare and the pain as 'rakyat'. so we as the 'rakyat' should correct the government if they had gone beyond the line as the 'WAKIL RAKYAT' although their the Barisan Nasional or the Pakatan Rakyat.

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mohamad said...

yup. really agree with u here!