Saturday, July 19, 2008

are we goin immortal

last night i watched 'The Island' that being shown at tv3. it is about human cloning project that being sponsored by the rich and famous just in case the got any organ failure so they can change it with the new one.

i gonna say that it is cruel to kill the clone just to make the human become immortal. because whatever it is the clone is still considered "human". but that was only a movie somewhere around 2005.

cloning is a simple process actually just by copying the owner DNA or by modifying the DNA to create a almost flawless creature. these make the clone somehow a perfect creation. as the human genome project has been completed lately.

but nowadays, we as human as become more and more greedy. we never satisfied with the things that we already had. even some of us trying to overpower the god by becoming the god by building a full grown human clone.

although they are many did not agree about cloning, but some of the scientist are still doin it because they believe that someday the people will accept cloning as an insurance policy. so maybe that day human can 'maybe' become immortal.

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mohamad said...

it will be Qiamat before the immortal thing success..huhu