Monday, July 28, 2008

a bad day

2 days before i went back to medan, my brother broke his arm because of futsal.

I wish him to get well soon..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

mercedes anyone..??

again the government of Barisan Nasional especially the no 1 man in state of terengganu had make a mistake that will make the voter rethink their vote for the next election..

i am not accused them for sumthin bad but they recently purchased new mercedes for the high ranking people in t'ganu each, which mean the state government did not listen to the no 1 man in malaysia, Pak Lah.

he did said that everyone should change their ways of living INCLUDING the high ranking people by cut out the expenses which didn't benefit the 'rakyat'.

the menteri besar said he buy the mercedes to replace the old proton perdana which he claimed compared to the new car, the maintainance is much more higher than the buying a new mercedes which ONLY cost RM2++,++ without tax.

he also claimed that he did not using the 'royalti' money to buy the new car and this also will give the opposition an issue to condemn the state government which they may say that the state government will 'cruise' around the terengganu with comfort whereas the 'rakyat' had to struggle just to buy a 'kancil' or even a spoon of rice.

i am as 'rakyat' would like to advice the menteri besar to sell back the car and use the money the help the 'rakyat' to relieve their pain and burden after the rise of oil price globally plus the rising of cost of living. and i think the 'rakyat' will more appreciate an be thankful to the government than joining the illegal rally that give everyone a headache especially the police..

i am not against the government but we cannot always agree with the government agenda or what they do because the government that rule this beloved country is elected by the 'rakyat' because they trust the YB to give them back not 'ringgit' but concern about their welfare and the pain as 'rakyat'. so we as the 'rakyat' should correct the government if they had gone beyond the line as the 'WAKIL RAKYAT' although their the Barisan Nasional or the Pakatan Rakyat.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

are we goin immortal

last night i watched 'The Island' that being shown at tv3. it is about human cloning project that being sponsored by the rich and famous just in case the got any organ failure so they can change it with the new one.

i gonna say that it is cruel to kill the clone just to make the human become immortal. because whatever it is the clone is still considered "human". but that was only a movie somewhere around 2005.

cloning is a simple process actually just by copying the owner DNA or by modifying the DNA to create a almost flawless creature. these make the clone somehow a perfect creation. as the human genome project has been completed lately.

but nowadays, we as human as become more and more greedy. we never satisfied with the things that we already had. even some of us trying to overpower the god by becoming the god by building a full grown human clone.

although they are many did not agree about cloning, but some of the scientist are still doin it because they believe that someday the people will accept cloning as an insurance policy. so maybe that day human can 'maybe' become immortal.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


nie la umah aku yg dulu...
tp skrg dlm proses tuk roboh dan bina rumah baru...
so hopefully umah baru aku pas nie cantik la walaupun xsetanding rumah mawi...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nintendo Announces the new Wii MotionPlus Controller at E3

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a new accessory for the Wii controller called the MotionPlus.

From Nintendo News:
Nintendo's upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory for the revolutionary Wii Remote controller again redefines game control, by more quickly and accurately reflecting motions in a 3-D space. The Wii MotionPlus accessory attaches to the end of the Wii Remote and, combined with the accelerometer and the sensor bar, allows for more comprehensive tracking of a player’s arm position and orientation, providing players with an unmatched level of precision and immersion. Every slight movement players make with their wrist or arm is rendered identically in real time on the screen, providing a true 1:1 response in their game play. The Wii MotionPlus accessory reconfirms Nintendo’s commitment to making games intuitive and accessible for everyone. Nintendo will reveal more details about the Wii MotionPlus accessory and other topics Tuesday morning at its E3 media briefing.

I can't wait to find out what upcoming games will be taking advantage of this new accessory (and how much the cost will be to the consumer).

release the knot...

the new dawn

1. today 4 the first time a political debate was held between anwar and the menteri penerangan and 4 the 1st time also that the opposition is covered by the television in malaysia...

2. it like writing a new history as there are no debate like this before as the opposition said the government is controlling the media but for me media should never be as freely as they wish because if there is no rules and guideline, they might write and tell lies story...

3. even the alim or the religious people also that been taught about rules and guideline sometimes breaks them, there will no surprise if the free media will go beyond that...

4. and last but not least, i think the government should consider what anwar had said in his debate for the sake of the rakyat because some of it will benefit the rakyat and maybe improvise their image and it doesn't mean that if you agreed with anwar then you are weak...

me signing off..

Monday, July 14, 2008


today i went to KL following my mother to sogo...
but we were greeted by a traffic jam begin from the sg.besi toll right after my father pay the toll..
we were stucked almost an hour then we finally know that there is a roadblock...
all this because, there is rumours that it gonna be a rally among the opposition in front the parlimen...
for me i think these people just being self-fish without thinking about other people..
although maybe they wanna makes changes for the good of 'rakyat' by forcing the BN government to reduce the oil price but because of that the police had to work around the clock to make sure the rally didn't happen...
other than that, bcoz of the jam the 'rakyat' that didn't join the rally face other consequences such as wasting the oil as it burned freely as the engine runs idle...
till today, i still can't understand what had happen to malaysia politic as nowadays i hard to see the truth as each one of them almost convincing...
even rumuors that it gonna be 'darurat' just bcoz the polices and soldier are training together...
but whatever it is i hope the politician can really think about this beloved country instead of their personal interest just to be no. 1 in the country and get all the fame and wealth but the country is a stack...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

the difference... (perbedaan)

the world..

now we are in the world that everything is conquered by man with greed, self-fish, impolite and so on.. sometimes i really can't understand with all these guys.. what did they thinking when they committed such crime if i can said it so..

come on lah.. nobody perfect.. even i once tried to steal sumthin in the mall and i made it in the end.. maybe they feel thrilled and excited when doin crime just like i feel when i committed crime.. huhu..

and i think our world is gonna be out of control and maybe some said it comes to an end or armageddon.. maybe that's why people are acting more and more weird.. huhu.. including me... ahaha..

but can we imagine what it's gonna be in next few year and what it will turn out..??

because what can we do unless keep thinking what will happen next as we can't change the past for now.. unless the time machine is brought to live.. haha.. too many fiction..

actually.. i am writing this crap because im totally bored.. dunno wat to do now.. hahaha...
sorylah.. i'm wasting your time... but what the heck..!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

7 Cara Kenali Orang Sombong Dan Bongkak

SOMBONG bererti terasa kelebihan dan kehebatan yang ada pada diri sendiri, kemudian ditambah dengan sifat suka menghina dan merendahkan orang lain. Orang sombong memandang rendah manusia lain kerana berasakan sesuatu kelebihan yang ada pada diri mereka.

Begitulah sombongnya Iblis yang enggan sujud kepada Nabi Adam. Tidak cukup dengan kesombongannya kepada Allah, lalu ia menempelak: “Mana bisa aku bersujud kepada manusia, kerana aku dijadikan dari api yang mulia, sedangkan Adam dijadikan dari tanah yang hina.

Penyakit sombong akan menyerang sesiapa saja, baik lelaki atau perempuan, golongan bangsawan atau bawahan, berjawatan tinggi ataupun pengemis di jalanan.

Allah berfirman yang bermaksud:
“Aku akan belokkan dari keterangan-Ku, orang yang menyombongkan dirinya di muka bumi, di luar kebenaran.” (Surah al-A’raf, ayat 146)
Sombong yang paling keji ialah bersifat sombong terhadap Allah. Tercatat dalam al-Quran, antara manusia yang pernah sombong terhadap Allah ialah Namrud yang ingin memerangi tuhan, keduanya Raja Firaun yang pernah mengaku dirinya Tuhan.

Allah berfirman yang bermaksud:
“Sesungguhnya, orang yang menyombongkan dirinya dari menyembah Aku, akan masuk neraka jahanam dengan kehinaan.” (Surah al-Mukmin, ayat 60)
Sombong yang kedua ialah bersifat sombong kepada Rasul dan ajarannya seperti tidak mengiktiraf rasul yang diutus Tuhan kerana kemiskinan dan kehinaan keturunan, seperti Firaun yang mengaku dan menganggap dirinya tuhan, tidak mengaku Nabi Musa rasul utusan Allah.

Begitu juga Abu Lahab serta kaum Quraisy yang enggan menerima Muhammad SAW sebagai nabi akhir zaman.

Oleh itu mari kita memeriksa diri, apakah kita sudah dijangkiti virus sombong ini atau tanpa diketahui kita adalah salah seorang penghidap serius penyakit itu selama berpuluh tahun.

Iman Al-Ghazali menyimpulkan ada tujuh cara untuk mengenali seseorang yang sedang dan sudah menghidap penyakit hati yang merbahaya ini :

  • Pertama, kelebihan seseorang kerana pengetahuan ilmunya, baik ilmu dunia atau ilmu akhirat. Apabila ilmu sudah penuh di dada dia menganggap semua orang lain jahil belaka, semua orang buta dan jika ada pandangan yang bernas tetapi tidak diterimanya.
Orang sombong seumpama ini, menghendaki dirinya selalu dihormati oleh orang lain terutama ketika di khalayak ramai, oleh anak muridnya dan orang bawahannya serta sentiasa meminta diberi layanan mulia.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud:
“Tidak akan masuk neraka, orang yang di dalam hatinya ada seberat sebiji sawi darinya iman, dan tidak akan masuk syurga yang di dalam hatinya ada seberat biji sawi darinya sombong.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim dan Abu Daud)
  • Keduanya kerana kelebihan beribadat seseorang. Penyakit orang ahli abid yang merasa diri mereka terlalu banyak beribadat berbanding dengan orang lain sehingga menganggap orang lain tidak mampu beribadat seperti mereka.
Sedangkan mereka terpedaya dengan tipu daya syaitan. Rasulullah SAW mengingatkan melalui sabda Baginda yang bermaksud:
“Bahawa siapa yang memuji dirinya sendiri atas suatu amal salih, bererti sudah tersesat daripada mensyukurinya, dan gugurlah segala amal perbuatannya.”
Jika kita bersifat seperti ini, menghina orang yang tidak bersembahyang atau apabila orang mengerjakan maksiat, lantas menggelengkan kepala dan terdetik di dalam hati, “Apa nak jadi dengan kamu semua. Mengapa tidak alim dan warak seperti aku,” maka kita adalah dalam kategori orang yang berpenyakit sombong. Oleh itu, bersegeralah bertaubat atas kejelekan akhlak.
  • Perkara ketiga yang membuatkan kita sombong ialah kerana ego memperkasakan keturunan, bangga kita berketurunan mulia lagi bangsawan, suka menyebut nama datuk nenek moyang kita yang dulunya dikatakan keramat atau hebat.
Sifat sombong seperti ini tidak ubah seperti kaum Bani Israel yang dilaknat Tuhan, seperti termaktub dalam al-Quran. Mereka bangga dengan keturunan mereka yang banyak menjadi nabi ikutan, konon keturunan mulia dikasihi tuhan.

Mereka rakus melakukan apa saja termasuk membunuh golongan lemah kerana keegoan menganggap orang lain tidak semulia mereka. Seandainya kita zalim, bangga dengan status keturunan, maka kesombongan itu sama dengan kesombongan kaum Bani Israel yang dilaknat tuhan.
  • Perkara keempat menjadikan kita beroleh sombong ialah kerana berasa diri cantik dan sempurna malah memandang orang lain dengan hina, seperti merendah-rendah ciptaan Allah hingga sanggup menyindir atau memberi gelaran tidak baik seperti pendek, berkulit hitam atau gemuk.
  • Sifat sombong kelima berpunca daripada kelebihan harta diberi Allah membuat kita lupa daratan, berbangga dengan kekayaan yang ada, rumah besar, kereta mewah hingga memandang rendah orang yang kurang berada.
  • Keenam, sombong kerana kekuatan dan kegagahan diri. Semua orang akan dibuli kerana kuatnya badan kita tidak terperi, hingga boleh memakan kaca seperti mengunyah. Boleh menarik bas dan lori hanya dengan gigi. Boleh dihempap badan dengan batu dan besi.
  • Akhirnya yang ketujuh kata Imam Ghazali, ialah sombong dan berbangga kerana ramainya pengikut setia di belakang diri, sepertinya orang alim berbangga dengan ramainya murid yang memuji. Guru silat pula berbangga dengan ramainya murid yang tidak lut ditetak dan dijilat api.
Justeru, hendaklah memeriksa diri sama ada tujuh perkara yang membawa kepada penyakit sombong ada pada kita atau tidak. Penawarnya ada di tangan sendiri kerana penyakit sombong hanya akan memakan diri.

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda yang bermaksud:
“Orang yang sombong, keras kepala dan takbur, akan dikumpulkan pada hari kiamat, dalam bentuk semut yang kecil, yang dipijak mereka oleh manusia, kerana hinanya mereka pada Allah.” (Diriwayatkan oleh Al-Bazzar dari Abu Hurairah)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

piece of my mind..

situasi 1
saye takde duit.. duit dah abis... camne nie?

situasi 2
sem depan subjek mkn susah..woo... tp dun wori.. be hepi...huhu

situasi 3
saye benci peludah... mengotorkan tempat awam... yaks..
p/s:come on guys... u sedut la balik ludah u tu... xkn ludah sndri pun nk geli kot.. huhu

situasi 4
mule menulis blog... yeah.. i'm a blogger but it killing me softly.. haha

situasi 5
cuti nak abis dah... walaupun cuti bosan.. still aku suka cuti... tulun...

here in my home...

here in my home is a video about promoting UNITY and ANTI-RACISM among us especially malaysian...

it's a great enjoyable song to hear you know. it really make me proud to be malaysian although nowadays we are bombarded with several issues that make the world look we as the bad guy especially the US.. mind your own business, will ya..

anyway, just enjoy the vid.

or you can download it at

im bored..

your face is bright
like the shining moon
lighting up like stars above
im here to make cheer up
u bring the laugh for me to taste it
u bring the light to the entire life
u bring the hope for those who need it
well my love
the time has come from the bottom of ma heart
i cant stop loving u coz
i live because of u
make sure i make this love as a bond for us
i hope im not one of those imposter
that just love u as their act only
n u r d only one that i love

copyright and property of Muhammad Faiz b Mohd Hanim

me 1st blog..

this is my 1st blog...
so i think nothing much im gonna say...
just wanna thank to all of you that view my blog n leave me a comment..